Project AWARE Awards

Project AWARE has received numerous awards over the years. Below is a list of the awards.

2010 Soil and Water Conservation Society Merit Award

The Merit Award is given in recognition of an outstanding activity, product, or service by a group, business firm, corporation, or organization that promotes the conservation of soil, water, and related natural resources.

2009 Take Pride In America® National Award Winner

Take Pride in America is a national partnership program authorized by Congress to promote the appreciation and stewardship of public lands, including parks, forests, historic sites, and schools. Each year, the award winners are selected by a panel of judges from hundreds of qualified nominations representing outstanding examples of stewardship across the country. In 2009, there were 15 National Award winners, representing projects and events in 11 states and the District of Columbia.

2008 "Ding" Darling Environmental Education Award - IAN/ICEC

This award, presented jointly by the Iowa Association of Naturalists and the Iowa Conservation Education Coalition, commends an outstanding environmental education program or event which educates the general public.

2008 Another Awesome Award - Living Lands & Waters

This award was presented to Project AWARE staff for their innovation and leadership in creating the Iowa Department of Natural Resources' river cleanup program. The success and accomplishments of this program have had a tremendous impact on the health and vitality of Iowa's greatest rivers.

2007 Best Public Education Award - Iowa Recycling Association

The Iowa Recycling Association's Best Public Education Program award recognizes excellence in the creation and implementation of holistic approaches in environmental programs, activities and events initiated to change the actions, attitudes and behaviors of diverse audiences regarding environmental issues. Project AWARE is the recipient of Iowa Recycling Association's 2007 Best Public Education Campaign Award for its innovative engagement of a diverse group of individuals who come together with varying intentions but yield the all-important goal of protecting and enhancing Iowa's waterways through recycling.

2007 Team of the Year Award - Governor's Golden Dome Awards Program

The Governor's Golden Dome Awards are the highest form of employee recognition. The Governor's Golden Dome Team of the Year Award recognizes outstanding contributions of teams (supported by measurable results) in state government.