Reading List and Web sites of Interest

Iowa River (Marshall, Tama, Benton, & Iowa counties)

2023 Suggested Reading List (Click for PDF)

➢ Archaeology

• Alex, Lynn M. Iowa’s Archaeological Past. University of Iowa Press, Iowa City, 364 p., 2000.
• Alex, Lynn M., De La Garza, Mary C., and Whittaker, William E. The Archaeological Guide to Iowa. University of Iowa Press, Iowa City, 271 p., 2015.
• Collins, James M. The Iowa River Greenbelt: Archaeological Landscape. Special Publication. Office of the State Archaeologist, Iowa City, 1991.
• Whittaker, W. E., Dunne, M. T., Artz, J. A., Horgen, S. E., and Anderson, M. L. Edgewater Park: A Late Archaic Campsite along the Iowa River. Midcontinental Journal of Archaeology 32(1):5–45. 2007

➢ Geology

• Anderson, Wayne I. Iowa’s Geological Past: Three Billion Years of Change. University of Iowa Press, Iowa City, 440 p., 1998.
• Beane, B. H. Crinoids Varied in Color at Le Grand, Iowa (Abstract),” Proceedings of the Iowa Academy of Science, 48(1), 295-295, 1941. Available at:
• Beane Norstrud, Karen. Crinoids in the Sugar Bowl – Remembering my grandfather, amateur paleontologist B.H. Beane. Palimpsest, p. 20-29, Spring 1995.
• Boyt, Richard. Crinoid and Starfish Fossils from LeGrand, Iowa. Iowa State Department of History and Archives, 24 p., 1962.
The Famous Crinoids, Pioneer Heritage Libarary, Le Grand, IA. Web site article.
• Glenister, Brian F. Mississippian Carbonates of the Le Grand Area: Ancient Analogs of the Bahama Banks. Geological Society of Iowa Guidebook 47, 37 p, 1987.
• Hess, Hans, Ausich, William I., Brett, Carlton E., and Simms, Michael J. Fossil Crinoids – Chapter 16 Lower Mississippian Hampton Formation at LeGrand, Iowa, USA. P.135-138, 2010.
• Laudon, L.R., and Beane, B.H. The crinoid fauna of the Hampton Formation at Le Grand, Iowa.
University of Iowa Studies in Natural History, v. 17, p. 225-273, 1937.
• Libra, Robert D. Jumbo: A Runaway Artesian Well. Iowa Geology, No. 20, p. 6-9, 1993.
• Prior, Jean C. Landforms of Iowa. University of Iowa Press, Iowa City, 153 p., 1991.

➢ Native American Culture

• Foster, Lance M. The Indians of Iowa. University of Iowa Press, 145 p., 2009
• Gourley, Kathy. Migrations of the Sauk and Meskwaki in the Mid-1840s: The Emigration of 1845,
Journal of the Iowa Archeological Society, p. 223-228, 2003.
A History of the Meskwaki People; Meskwaki Nation Web site
Iowa Historic Indian Location Database (HILD)
Iowa’s Removal Period: Indigenous Presence near Lake Delhi
Leadership of the Meskwaki People in a Struggle for Survival
Meskwaki Powwow
The Meskwaki Talking Papers
Tribal Involvement in Archaeology in Iowa: Activism and Stewardship
• Willcockson, Tom, and Carvey, Elizabeth. Twelve Moons: A Year with the Sauk and Meskwaki, 1817-Citizens to Preserve Black Hawk Park Foundation, 52 p., 2021
• Zimmer, Eric Steven. Settlement Sovereignty: The Meskwaki Fight for Self-Governance, 1856–1937, The Annals of Iowa 73(4), p. 311-347, 2014.

➢ History

• Peterson, William J. Iowa Rivers of Her Valleys. The State Historical Society of Iowa, Iowa City, 381p., 1941. Pages: 141-156.
Jumbo Well in Belle Plaine (1886), YouTube video by Mitch Malcom and Belle Plaine Historical

➢ Nature & the Environment

• Dinsmore, James. A Country So Full of Game: The Story of Wildlife in Iowa. University of Iowa Press, Iowa City, 261 p., 1994.
• Herzberg, Ruth, and Pearson, John. The Guide to Iowa’s State Preserves. University of Iowa Press, Iowa City, 2001.
• Pfrimmer, Jarrett. Meskwaki Nation Leads Creation of Iowa River Watershed Coalition, Iowa Environmental Council, Web site Article.

➢ Paddling