Who We Are

Iowa Project AWARE — A Watershed Awareness River Expedition — is the state’s largest river cleanup event. The event educates participants while improving the health of Iowa’s rivers and streams.

Clean water and recreational opportunities — including paddlesports, hunting, and fishing — are a crucial part of Iowa’s economy and quality of life. Through the AWARE cleanup event, we are working to build a community actively engaged in enjoying and maintaining Iowa’s watersheds.

A Community of Enthusiasts

In addition to the direct impact of our cleanup effort, Iowa Project AWARE is committed to providing an opportunity for all participants to learn, explore, and experience:

  • Regional history, cultures, and archaeology
  • Geology and ecology of the watershed
  • Safe and responsible approaches to paddling and enjoying waterways
  • Know-how and confidence to conduct a cleanup on their own

Our approach enables participants to join a growing community of passionate volunteers taking the lessons they’ve learned during our event to their local region. This expands the reach of our program and creates additional opportunities to support clean rivers.
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What We’ve Accomplished

Iowa Project AWARE has amassed some impressive stats:

  • 5,241 volunteers from across the country have been part of our effort
  • 1,261 river miles have been cleaned
  • 444 tons of trash have been removed
  • 77% of trash has been recycled
  • 50 additional cleanup events inspired or advised by AWARE

Our most recent effort focused on the Boone River watershed. We brought together hundreds of volunteers to clean up over 60 river miles in north-central Iowa.

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Iowa Project AWARE is led by a volunteer board, including:

  • Brian Soenen
  • Lynette Seigley
  • Liz Maas
  • Seth Zimmermann
  • Mike Birmingham

N-Compass, Inc.

The non-profit behind Iowa Project AWARE, N-Compass, Inc., was formed in order to ensure the continued success of the event and associated programs. The organization has no paid employees. N-Compass, Inc. is an independent organization, registered with the State of Iowa as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit.

Take Action

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