Why I Joined The Cleanup

Environmentalism. Fun. Fellowship. An excuse to spend a day on the river. Those are just a few reasons why our volunteers participate in Iowa Project AWARE. Hear from a few of our great volunteers about why they joined the cleanup… and why they return year after year.

“Project AWARE is the best way to enjoy Iowa’s natural beauty and work together with fellow nature lovers to get dirty while cleaning up our environment.”
Ryan Clark

“We chose to participate because the river provides us with our drinking water supply, as well as hours of fun boating, floating, water-skiing, and fishing. Our mission was to help the environment, but in the process, Project A.W.A.R.E. gave back to us. My daughter and I pitched a tent beside strangers who quickly became our friends and cleanup teammates. During the week, experts taught us about plant life, geological formations, artifacts, and how to properly navigate a canoe. We learned survival skills and formed a stronger mother-daughter bond in the process. We even adopted a piece of river trash as our souvenir!”
Dixie Saunders

“I became involved in AWARE as an IOWATER volunteer, and to involve my granddaughter Bailey in the outdoors, as well as conservation endeavors.”
Jim Urban

“Volunteering with Iowa Project AWARE allows me to help make a difference by making sure that the rivers and waters of our great state are preserved and maintained for everyone to enjoy year after year. Plus, it’s fun to get muddy!”
Blake Rupe

“BSA Scouts Troop 1059 had a great time. The kids got some tubing in before we started, two of the scouts learned how to canoe, and, of course, they were able to do two days of service work cleaning up the river. The scouts from Eagle Grove look forward to joining again in the future.”
Craig Voss